Who Is Alikay and Is That Even a Real Name?

Greetings and salutations fellow internet browser.

My name is Alikay. That is my first name. It is one word. Please, for the love of carbs, do not call me Ali. That is not my name.

I’m an Editor by day and a novelist by any other time.  What do I write? So kind of you to ask (I assume). I write young adult novels about “unlikeable” girls who sometimes kill people. It’s a party! I’m represented by Christa Heschke. She’s pretty cool I guess.

Um, let’s see, other things about me. I live in Queens. It keeps me glutenful. But I’m from California and firmly believe it is the promised land. I work in magazines. Lord of the Rings is my love language. Taco Bell gives me life. Etc.

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